The Garden Tourist: 120 Destination Gardens and Nurseries in the Northeast

By Jana Milbocker

Whether you're a weekend gardener, landscape professional, or vacation traveler, you will enjoy discovering new gardens in The Garden Tourist. From gardens of natural splendor, whimsical sculptures, or historic formality, The Garden Tourist will guide you on an inspiring trip.

  • Visit 120 botanical gardens, historic estates, and destination nurseries

  • Travel to destinations in New England, Hudson River Valley in New York, eastern Pennsylvania, and New Jersey

  • Richly illustrated with 665 color photographs

  • Includes regional maps, contact information, suggested itineraries, and at-a-glance symbols that denote garden amenities

256 pages, 665 color photographs, 6.5" x 9", softcover

Published in 2018.

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About the Author

Also available as an e-book at Kobo and as a Kindle book on Amazon.

The time for shopping rare plant nurseries during actual planting season (April-June) and visiting public gardens during peak bloom (May-July) is brief. So it pays to make a geographic battle plan in advance, or you’ll find yourself at the right place at the wrong time. I keep a copy of this handy guidebook in my glove compartment so I can drop by far-flung gardens when I’m out of town. It covers New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, as well as New England.
— Carol Stocker, Boston Globe

Jana has done all the work for garden lovers to feed their passion. Her comprehensive guide is beautifully illustrated and is brimming with historical, descriptive and useful information and tips for planning your trip. This book is a wonderful gift for your gardening friends.
— Katherine K. Macdonald, President, Massachusetts Horticultural Society

In The Garden Tourist, Milbocker not only provides readers with a sensory-filled description of each garden, but also the architecture of the site and its history. The gardens are a wonderful mix of private, public, retail, and historic properties. Her suggested itineraries offer realistically-paced, enjoyable days of happy garden hopping (and lovely lunches!)
— Tammi Flynn, Connecticut’s Historic Gardens

Jana has done the extensive research that we wish that we were all able to do when dreaming about visiting gardens through the Northeast. It’s thorough, succinct, and with a story. This is going to make it easy to head out on a road trip or weekend tour.
— Suzanne McCance, President, Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts

This is the book I wished we’d have for my own region. For either quick reference, or reading in-depth garden histories (which are generally fascinating), this is the guide we garden gawkers would find indispensable while traveling. Until every region of the country has useful guides like this, we’ll all just have to keep going back to the Northeast!
— Jim Charlier, Gardener, traveler, garden tourism advocate and speaker, garden blogger. Past President of Garden Walk Buffalo, America’s largest garden tour. Member, GWA | The Association of Garden Communicators, and International Garden Tourism Network’s North American Garden Tourism Conference participant.

I was very excited when I heard about this book, thinking it would be a wonderful resource for gardens to visit around New England. What I didn’t expect was the detailed historical perspective provided on each property. This is a book worth reading even if you never leave the couch! While the photos alone make this book worthwhile, the suggested itineraries, maps and facilities information are an incredible resource for garden enthusiasts looking for a field trip. It’s going to be my go-to Christmas present!
— Jill Malcolm, Secretary, Garden Club Federation of Mass.

For those of you who love visiting beautiful and historical gardens, wandering thru nurseries, and adventuring off-the-beaten-track for secret gardens, “The Garden Tourist” is a gardener’s companion, on-the-road or in-your-home enjoying your morning coffee. The Garden Tourist is a captivating guide that will inspire you to reach for your keys and get in your car for delightful new adventures.
— Georgia Papavasiliou, president, Landscape Design Council of Mass.

If you love to visit beautiful gardens, historic homes and garden gift shops, this is the book for you. I can’t wait to get my hands on it and plan my next trip.
— Valerie Howes, gardener in Massachusetts

Milbocker has done her homework. The Garden Tourist is an indispensable guide to the best gardens in New England and beyond.
— Laura Ferraro Close, gardener in Massachusetts

This book is an invaluable reference for both the avid and casual garden tourist as well as a delightful excursion for the armchair traveler. I’ve lived all my life in New Jersey and never realized how many stunning and interesting gardens were within easy reach in the Garden State.
— Susan Mitrano, gardener in New Jersey

Jana has written a much needed book with all the information required to make a day or a week on the road fun for gardening, history and shopping fans. I can’t wait to buy this book and to start planning trips!
— Joyce Hannaford, gardener in Massachusetts

Detailed garden descriptions, helpful daily itineraries, lovely photos and a bit of history mixed in—a wonderful resource for anyone who loves to visit gardens.
— Keri Ferland, gardener in Massachusetts

The Garden Tourist is a valuable resource for local and regional gardens and nurseries that the busy gardener might otherwise miss. Inside you will find all the necessary details to arrange your own visits to many horticultural points of interest.
— Susan Bonthron, gardener in New York

Compelling narrative and meticulous research, coupled with a flair for photography bring us the essence of each garden entry in Ms. Milbocker’s guide to 120 of New England’s nurseries and gardens. The historical information and anecdotes develop each location further, guaranteeing to inspire the reader to leap into the car for a road trip.
— Carol Holly, gardener in Massachusetts
New York offers a wide selection of gardens to please a wide variety of people. Innisfree and Stonecrop please the naturalistic and contemplative folks while those along the Hudson capture the more formal past. Milbocker gives us enough history and inventory so we know what to expect. Just imagine standing at one end of a long outside veranda and seeing a smooth, elegant sculpture hanging at the other end framed with a background of lawn and the Hudson.
— Joyce Girvin, gardener in New Hampshire and Massachusetts